This should have been our very first blog post but in all our excitement we forgot we made this post LOL….

On going through all our files the other day I stumbled across this one, I had a little OMG moment then a little chuckle to myself. Its amazing how much work goes into building and maintaining a website and how easily you can forget things that you prepared earlier.

Caitlin and I both decided that this post deserves it’s time to shine that’s why it is entitled better late than never. We hope you enjoy this little post on our journey of bringing you this site

Well this not so tech savvy duo finally did it, we built our own website and omg it was not as easy as they all make it out to be. As we are relaunching our brand we had to sit back and really evaluate our situation and take stock of who we were/are. With very limited cashflow the regular run of the mill ready made shopify type sites were just not in the budget. So we let our creativity  flow and had a crack at building this little gem, so please let us know what you think and also let us know if there is anything we could improve on

Cheers Caitlin & Elizabeth