Different kind of scented candle in Sydney, Australia

With the flick of a match, you may transform your home into an opulent sanctuary. Stresses of daily life and perhaps seductive and mysterious warmth generated by lovely mixtures of lemon, eucalyptus, and cinnamon will be melted away with the wax. With Apsley and Company’s products, you can morph your horizons and expand your horizons […]

Scented and Aromatic Natural Candles Uplifts the Mood

The aroma and fragrance of the scented candles changes the mood and creates an uplifting spiritual vibe. The handmade and organic candles by Sirius Scents purify the space and opens up the senses to its invigorating aroma. The candles are great for spiritual cleansing and creating a positive environment. The scented candles Sydney brighten a […]

Fill your home with the natural fragrances candles

Scented candles Sydney is a fabulous luxury that brings you joy and peace at the end of a hectic day. Each and every candle can accent any room beautifully. If you love woodsy scents, fruity scents or something in between, we can get you the exact fragrance you want. It is quite a common thing […]

Fill your home with wonderful scents

Sirius scents fragrances

Now celebrate every occasion and enrich any day with our Sirius scents fragrances. We offer plentiful and the healthier options for candle lovers. You can try lemon, mint, orange, cinnamon and rosemary scents for the great aromas. These all scents will invigorate your senses and give you that extra boost you need to stay on […]

Shop wax melts and reed diffusers oil refills

Wax melts found to be more safe, convenient and affordable as compared to candles. You can use them everywhere and easily kept in your pocket or bag. The main feature of wax melts is that it is quite safer for the environment. Shop wax melts Sydneyfor a long-lasting effect. The wax melts absorb heat and […]

Sirius scents – Buy attractive jars for your scented candles

If you are thinking to buy some scented candles, you should also choose candle jars with them. The jars will make any room in your house feel more sophisticated and elegant. Sirius scents fragrance have all the varieties that will increase the adoration of your home décors. When you illuminate a candle in your home, […]

Sirius scents – Eliminate stinking smells from your cars

The bad odors in your car is quite common. This will not only stop you to enjoy a comfortable driving, but also embarrass you to invite your friends into your car. You can’t feel relax and stress-free if your car doesn’t have enough fresh air. A car diffuser lets you drive in a clean atmosphere. […]

Sirius scents – Let your place smell like heaven

Scented Candles Sydney has the perfect scents range that will make your home smell like heaven. We also provide perfect gifting products for your family and friends. You will definitely get the eco-friendly and sustainable products. Fill your room with a delightful and unique scent throughsola flower lily diffuser. It can become a charming and […]

Sirius scents – Choose the right oil for your reed diffuser

Sirius scents fragranceoffers you a wide range of options of warm fragrances to soothe your mind. All the scents promotes happiness, well-being and provide numerous benefits for your body, mind and spirit. Reed Diffuser Fragrance Oil Refills are wonderful because they do a great job of making your indoor area smell extraordinary. You can refill […]

Sirius scents – Get positive and calmative features of candles

After a long hectic day, we need a calming and stress-free environment at home. Illuminating a candle can give you the peace and help you feel relax after the full day tiredness. Majestic candle is a great way to add soulful effect to your home. It is very versatile and look great in every room. […]