The aroma and fragrance of the scented candles changes the mood and creates an uplifting spiritual vibe. The handmade and organic candles by Sirius Scents purify the space and opens up the senses to its invigorating aroma. The candles are great for spiritual cleansing and creating a positive environment.

The scented candles Sydney brighten a space and create a relaxing vibe. The scented candles are made from different types of flavors like lavender, rose, jasmine etc. which has a calming and peaceful effect. Whether it is relaxing after a long tiring day listening to some music or taking a warm bath, the candles blends with the space.

Soaking into the Goodness of the Scented Candles

There are different types of candles and on lighting it up, it creates a calming effect with the fragrance smoothly floating across. The candles increase focus and concentration and are great for starting meditation or yoga practice.

  • Buy regal candle Sydneywith different scent or fragrances with long burn time. The candles are hand poured using non-toxic, organic wax.
  • The wicks are lead free and made from cotton to make sure it does not cause unwanted smoke. The natural soy wax is sustainable and burn clean.
  • The majestic candle is aesthetically designed and made by hand pouring organic soy wax into a glass jar. The cotton wick can be trimmed to reduce smoke and burn clean.
  • The natural goodness of the scented candles creates a delightful and comforting aura for the users.

    Natural Fragrances for the Car and Home

The fragrance diffuser is a great way to diffuse aroma by placing it close to ventilation source. The car vent diffuser refill Sydney is used to refill the small stainless diffuser clipped to the car vent. The air from the vent spread the aroma and give a soothing, natural fragrance inside the car.