Sirius scents fragranceoffers you a wide range of options of warm fragrances to soothe your mind. All the scents promotes happiness, well-being and provide numerous benefits for your body, mind and spirit.

Reed Diffuser Fragrance Oil Refills are wonderful because they do a great job of making your indoor area smell extraordinary. You can refill the bottle at your own and can reuse it for so many years. It perfectly matches with your home décors. It is one of easiest and practical way to utilize aromatherapy at home. Furthermore, it is completely safe for homes with children and pets because it doesn’t require the use of any flame or heat. You can also use any scents with this if you would like to have a lovely air of natural fragrance to the room of your choice. It will help you feel more relaxed and fill you with a natural boost of energy. Reed diffusers can become an element of aesthetic and are perfect for using in guest room, bathrooms and closets where you want a pleasant fragrance but can’t leave a candle burning. A perfect use of essential oils in our diffuser fragrances ensures delivery of a natural and true scent.

  • Cilantro orange reed diffuser – This oil has a herbal aroma that freshens the air and mix well with other essential oils to support emotional balance and relaxation.
  • Lavender reed diffuser – It is one of the most soothing essential oil fragrance which helps to promote relaxation and relieve headaches.
  • White grapefruit diffuser – With an uplifting aroma, this oil stimulates the mind with a natural boost of energy and also help to reduce anxiety and balance emotions.

Mint reed diffuser – This oil works as a natural remedy for cold, headaches and congestion.