Aroma beads are safer than candles because there is no flame in them. These beads are tiny plastic material that can absorb oil and color. You can use them for many areas around your home or workplace. This can be the perfect gift for your family, friends or loved ones. As aroma beads can absorb the fragrance oil, you can easily prepare your favorite fragrance oil at home.

Use them for so many purposes

Aroma beads pouch Sydneyis too effective as you can use it at many places, and it also has medicinal properties as it made with essential oils that have aroma therapy benefits.

  • It can be used as an effective air freshener by placing it in drawers, lockers and closets. You can also use them for freshening bags, cars, shoes and vacuum cleaners from developing stale odors.
  • These beads come in different colors, ranging from light to bright. Different colors of aroma beads and different scents can be mixed to create an awesome combination of scents. You can mix it according to your desire and create a scent that is uniquely your own.
  • You can also impress your trusted clients by giving them Aroma Beads as gifts. Aroma Beads give off a delightful scent when placed in attractive organza bags.
  • Multi-colored beads can be placed in the glass jars and dishes on your dining table for the decorative purpose.
  • They are great for hanging anywhere to make your house decorative and attractive.

Aroma Beads jars Sydneyis the perfect storage for your aroma beads. It is an ideal way to fragrance a small space, you can place it in your cupboard, water closet, tables, wardrobe and in your car. The jars protect any possible contamination of essential oils.