Our all the scents have exclusive fragrance that have been formulated with extreme longevity. It will surround you in a world of luxurious candles. We can ensure you that our all the products are of the best quality, therapeutic grade, organically grown and pure. Sirius scents fragrance brings you all the scents that will increase your grace of home’s atmosphere.

A sola flower lily diffuser is a new edition to the diffuser range. Each and every candle is handmade using rice paper with a thick cotton wick in the end. You can place sola flower lily in our sola special sola diffuser jar for an attractive décor. This diffuser is known for its heavenly and highly aromatic scents as it is one of the rare essential oil available in the market. It is perfect for augmenting the health of your body. If you are suffering from insomnia, a sola lily flower diffuser will induce feelings of calm in your mind and promote a peaceful, deep and restful sleep that you deserve. It will also provide a natural remedy for your troubles. These diffusers are very beneficial for creating a feeling of happiness, tranquility and calmness.

Buy candle tins bulk Sydney for any type of occasion. It can be a perfect travel companion or a cute little candle for any event. We have endless variety in the candle tins. One of the best quality of candle tins is that it won’t catch fire, the flame of the candle won’t even get close to the edge of the tin. It holds up to 3 times more scents. If you lit your candle in a tin, you don’t need to worry about the wax dripping and spills because they come self-contained. You don’t have to clean up the wax mess after they melt.